BINA METAL WAY (P) LTD welcomes proposals from established parties in the trade for collaboration for mutual benefit.

Intending parties may consider the strengths of BMW in the following respects:

  • BMW is an established Firm with over two decades of experience in the manufacture and supply of Switches and Crossings to Indian Railways, which is the Second Largest system in the world.
  • India is a country with stable responsible governments, sound economic base, well-established legal systems and responsible work force.
  • BMW's products enjoy a reputation for quality spelt with capital Q.
  • BMW are accredited under ISO 9001:2000 for Design, Manufacture and Sale of Railway Switches, Crossings and other Special Assemblies.
  • We have established ourselves as a supplier of such products to Railways of other countries in the region such as Bangladesh, Malaysia and Thailand.
  • BMW has locational advantage viz-a-viz producers from the Western hemisphere.
  • We have ready access to a saturated pool of well-qualified engineers, supervisors, skilled and unskilled workers.
  • We have access to such capable manpower at wages ruling well below the established norms in the Western hemisphere.